About me

Art speaks when words let us down.

I´m a firm believer of the importance of communication, and with children, we need a suitable, easy and universal tool to be able to establish a deep, true connection. But also, we need the element of fun – and, as their minds are not yet restricted and clouded like that of most of us adults, we need an element of untamed chaos, wildness too.

Let our Wild Minds be creative, without judgement or fear!

My name is Jessica, mother of a 7-year old bookworm with endless imagination, and I live in The Hague as an Expat. I´m fluent in English, Dutch, and German is my mother tongue – I miss German bread and greeting people with “Moin!” In my free time I sing (always), write, paint and DIY, and I pet animals whenever I can (except spiders!).

I studied Art, Culture and German Literature after going to an Art School for two years. Currently I am training to be become a certified Art Coach / Life Coach, and I´m also studying to become an Animal Assisted Therapist in the near future.

I worked as a Communications Trainer and Customer Relations Manager before the Pandemic happened, and used my time in Lockdown wisely to develop Wild Minds Creative – I feel like my talents are much more appreciated by smiling, happy kids than by grumpy customers!

Working with kids and Art is my own perfect happy place, and I strive to not only pass on my knowledge about colors, papers and different types of paints, but also to share joy and the feeling of being free and creative whilst creating Art with the kids.

Just another Art Class?

To me, in my experiences as a mother with kindergartens, schools, and Art lessons, Art with kids is typically limited to the primary colors and fingerpaint, childish bear-motifs and centuries-old coloring pages, paired with scissor-practices that are way too simple and boring.

The results of teaching Art like that? Well, let´s say the Art Works have sentimental value, but further than that, they often aren’t particularly eye-pleasing tbh… Also, we, as parents and caregivers, tend to limit the possibilities of being creative for our little ones, because it´s US that have to clean up all of the mess after all – GLITTER, glue, paper everywhere, paint on the walls… it´s a (glittery) nightmare!

But kids are capable of so much more than that. Creators by heart, their imagination knows no limits.They come up with the weirdest, most unexpected solutions to problems we never even knew existed, and create stunning, unique and quirky art works that are remarkable! I´m stunned by their views andinterpretations of things and challenges, and I learn from them in every single class.

And this is exactly what I want to cherish and encourage with my lessons and workshops –for the kids to stay curious, dare to try out new things, and use their unique imagination and ideas to express themselves freely. As I mentioned above, Art is it´s own, universal language, and we can use Art to not only learn about Artists and Styles, or to develop new fine motor skills, we can also “learn” about emotions, diversity, challenges, problem solving, sticking together and helping each other…

I hope to be able to give children some tools to connect with themselves and others in a positive, joyful and colorful way. That´s my mission – let´s discover creativity together!