Creative Lessons
We will discover famous artists, different art styles and techniques, and unleash our creativity and curiosity to create our very own artworks. Curious? So many wonderful things to do:
We use glow-in-the-dark paint to create colorful Watercolor Galaxies, we create our own Superheroes with Collage, make Dreamcatchers & Macramé, design Dreamhouse Architecture (Dioramas), we discover the beauty of broken things with Mosaic, and develop golden dresses a lá Gustav Klimt.
There are no limits to creativity!


Good to know:

Lessons are given in English, German and Dutch, with a focus on encouraging creativity, independence and curiosity.
Groups size max. 10 kids
The Creative Lessons take 2 hours, 1x p/week

Parent/Kid Lessons (ages 4-6)

Thursdays: 16:00 – 17:30


Kids, roughly age 6-12
Wednesdays: 14:00 – 16:00,

OR Saturdays: 11:00 – 13:00


Het Couveéhuis, Frankenslag 139, Den Haag

15EUR per child, per Workshop.
All Materials are included!


Different techniques allow us to create truly unique and purposefully designed art works. The softness of Watercolors for example, mixed with Papercrafts or the harsh, bold lines of a black pencil, build an interesting and challenging artwork that brings our imagination to life.


Dare to Try
I love to challenge the kids in my lessons with unusual exercises – what color is your emotion right now? Draw with your feet! Use only glitter to make a tree. Use your fingers instead of a brush.
Don´t be afraid to play and be creative – there are no rules.


How many of us still believe they “can’t draw”? The joy of letting your mind run free shouldn´t be clouded by the fear of a “perfect result” – that doesn´t exist anyways. Art can encourage us to let go, try again and learn from “mistakes” – enjoy the process of creating!


Good for your soul:
Let´s paint our emotions – make red monsters for anger, or sleepy, blue clouds for laziness. Oh, and the tree you just drew, has beautiful, lightgreen, young leaves – are you ready for a new beginning?
Art is communication, can build self-esteem and give valuable insights – effortlessly and with joy.